Recovery is Recovery To Health; Health is health in a number of ways: I shall use a 4-point model of Health:

  1. PhysicalHealth;
  2. MentalHealth;
  3. SocialHealth;
  4. SpiritualHealth.

These four categories are interrelated and overlapping: some things may be both Physical Health and Social Health, for example. Furthermore, each builds upon the others in various ways: there is no one 'fundamental health' which can be treated in isolation.

Each of these categories can be broken down.


  1. Nutrition: are you eating healthily?
  2. Fitness: are you exercising sensibly, for example?
  3. Medical: are you affected by (physical) medical illnesses?
  1. Cognitive: are your reasoning abilities working ok?
  2. Emotional: are your emotions running amok? Or are they behaving themselves sensibly?
  3. Motivational: Can you get yourself to do things ok?
  4. Morale: Do you have a good reason to live?
  5. Learning: Do you do enough to keep your learning abilities working?
  6. Exercise: Do you have enough to do to keep your mind sharp?
  1. Family: do you have a loving family of some kind?
  2. Friends: do you have a healthy network of friends?
  3. Activities: do you have things to do socially (e.g. clubs or sport)?
Spiritual Health
  1. Do you feel part of something greater than yourself?
  2. Do you want the best for those around you?
  3. Do you have a network of Spiritual comrades' to support your spiritual interests?
  4. If you proclaim to a common faith, do you cultivate this faith in your life?